To keep polished and brushed stainless steel door handles, banister uprights or pipe structures looking like new even longer, it’s a good idea to invest in appropriate cleaning and maintenance products.

A good choice for a general cleaning compound for polished stainless steel is Avesta Original Finish Fingerprint Remover. This compound preserves the steel’s original appearance and finish and removes the following from stainless steel door handles, banisters and door knobs:

  • fingerprints
  • dirt and dust
  • microbes
  • light oil and grease residues.

The product does not contain oil- or wax-based additives that could trap dirt and bacteria.
The compound does not cause discoloration or stains.

Regular use of Fingerprint Remover rapidly restores the chromium oxide layer that covers the surface of the stainless steel. Thanks to the pH of 12, this alkaline solution destroys the microbes on the surface being cleaned.

If the stainless steel door handle is greasy or has residues of oil-based cleaning agents, this should be removed using Avesta Original Finish Grease Remover.

And Avesta Original Finish Rust Remover is effective not only against surface rust, but also:

  • general dirt;
  • water stains and lime scale;
  • discoloration and carbon steel residue (such as may be caused by polishing);
  • road salt stains;
  • seawater stains;
  • stains from nitrogen in rainwater;
  • corrosion caused by brake dust from trucks.